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The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville policy 206.7 Section V reflects federal and state regulations asserting that “The University’s export control officer shall furnish training to relevant faculty and administrative personnel whose work may be impacted by these regulations and provide technical assistance regarding compliance, as well as assisting with federal agency requests for export licensing as required."

All "University employees and others acting on the University’s behalf are responsible for ensuring that activities are conducted in compliance with U.S. export control laws and regulations. "

All faculty, students, and staff can contact the Export Control area at to receive export compliance training.

Additionally, when a Technology Control Plan (TCP) is required by Federal law, export compliance training must be completed online through the CITI Program prior to implementing the TCP. All individuas included in the TCP are required to take the export compliance training prior to implementation. The export compliance training must be renewed every two years by all participants when a TCP is active.

The CITI Program training is also available to the University of Arkansas faculty, student, and staff community in general.

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