What are Export Control Activities?

The U.S. Government regulates exports of sensitive equipment, software, and technology to protect and promote our national security interests and foreign policy objectives. The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville has instituted several practices to meet these rules, regulations, and remain in compliance with federal objectives. Faculty, staff, and students are required to follow these institutional policies when working in or traveling to a foreign country, as well as when they use or carry university equipment, intellectual property, or any other property regulated under the applicable controls in a foreign country.

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Export Control Activities

  • Foreign Influence
  • International Collaborations
  • Foreign Visitors and Delegations
  • Use of Equipment and Information
  • Foreign Travel
  • Foreign Shipping
  • Hiring of Foreign Nationals
  • Procurement of Technology and Equipment
  • Foreign Students
  • Visiting Scholars
  • Contracts and Awards
  • International MOU's and Agreements
  • International Financial Transactions

Deemed Exports (EAR 734.2(B)(2)(II) and ITAR 120.17) is technology released to foreign persons in the US. This is different from technology shipped from the U.S. to another country. Please see the Federal Government definition of "Deemed Exports" and watch a short video to learn more.

The first step after determining whether government authorization is potentially needed, will be to identify jurisdiction of the federal agency and regulation. It is possible that in some cases, more than one agency or regulation applies. Please, contact the Export Control Officer for assistance.

If you are planning to engage in any of these activities, please refer to the information on this website and contact the Export Compliance Officer at 479-575-6725 or via email to assist as you navigate through these regulations prior to the activity.

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