International Shipments

The University of Arkansas Fayetteville international shipping must comply with export and import control laws and regulations. The laws and regulations may require the University of Arkansas Fayetteville to obtain an export license for shipments of items, software and technology outside of the U.S.

International shipments must be evaluated to determine whether an export license is required prior to shipment. Factors in this determination include the export classification of items being shipped, destination country, end-user and end-use of items begin shipped. Contact RSIC for assistance in license determinations. Export licenses can take approximately 30-90 days, and in some instances, longer so please, plan ahead.

Shipping anything to a destination outside the U.S. is an export regardless of whether the item is sold, used for research, loaned, donated or only sent outside of the U.S. temporarily. Personnel involved with shipping also need to recognize that the destination country for the shipment may have restrictions on what can be imported.

Most items, including certain software and information, are subject to some facet of export controls. All items to be exported must be reviewed prior to shipment to determine the need for a license or other government approval. The review includes determining:

  • The item(s) export control classification or category
  • If the shipment is to an embargoed or sanctioned country
  • If the shipment to the destination country requires a license
  • If the end-user is barred from receiving exports from the U.S. or otherwise prohibited party
  • If the end-use is prohibited

This review must occur whether the item to be shipped is processed through University of Arkansas Mailing Services or is done individually by the College, School, Division or Department. University of Arkansas Fayetteville is the shipper of record regardless of who prepares the forms (FedEx, UPS, DHL or a customs broker). To assist in evaluating export control issues, please contact the Export Control Officer.

Deemed Exports (EAR 734.2(B)(2)(II) and ITAR 120.17) is technology released to foreign persons in the US. This is different from technology shipped from the U.S. to another country. It can be an item/technical data that is shipped/provided to a University of Arkansas lab or facility and either leased, loaned, purchased, or gifted by an external organization/individual to a University of Arkansas area or person. Please see the Federal Government definition of "Deemed Exports" and watch a short video to learn more.

All University of Arkansas Fayetteville personnel who engage in international shipping and/or receiving are responsible for ensuring compliance with U.S. export control laws and regulations. Shipping and/or receiving without obtaining the appropriate license or other government approval, or failing to file accurate export or shipping documentation, may result in the confiscation of the shipped or received items, fines and/or jail time.


Contact Export Control

Mevin Torres

Melvin Torres

Export Control Officer

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