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All University of Arkansas employees are expected to carry out their roles and responsibilities in an ethical manner and to abide by all applicable laws and policies. The campus policy, Fayetteville Policies and Procedures 404.0, Disclosure and Management of Potential Conflicts of Interest and/or Commitment, including Outside Activity, should be reviewed and understood by all university employees. This policy was developed in accordance with Board of Trustees policies 330.1, Employee and Contractor Conflict of Interest and 450.1, Outside Employment of Faculty and Non-Classified Staff Members for Compensation; Concurrent Employment.

Disclosure of potential conflicts must be done at multiple times during an employee’s career with the university:

  1. Upon hire. New employees should complete a disclosure within two weeks of their start date;
  2. Annually. All employees must submit an annual disclosure; and
  3. As needed. Any time a new potential conflict arises throughout the year, a disclosure should be submitted.

All full-time (30 hour or more per week) faculty and exempt staff are required to obtain prior approval for outside employment. In most cases, outside employment will also require submission of a conflict of interest disclosure as well.

Conflict of Interest  & Outside Employment Request 

The online form used for submission of Disclosure and Management of Potential Conflicts of Interest and/or Commitment as well as the form used for submission of Outside Employment Approval Request can be located in Workday. Paper forms are no longer used.

Guidance, resources and support can be found on the  Sharepoint page: Conflict of Interest/Commitment and Outside Employment.

Examples of the Conflict of Interest Conflict of Commitment UAF Example and Outside Employment UAF Example forms are provided for planning purposes.

Training Video: Understanding Conflict of Interest/Commitment & Outside Employment Requests.

For assistance, contact Research Integrity and Compliance at

Optional Attachments

Depending on your reporting needs, you may need to also fill out one, or more, of the forms below and attach them to the Workday form.

404.0 - Appendix E - Conflict Management Plan Template

404.0 - Appendix F - Disclosure of Externally Reimbursed Travel

Appendix F for reporting externally reimbursed travel.

Conflict of Interest & Commitment Review Committee

Learn more about the Conflict of Interest & Commitment Review Committee.

Clarification on Outside Employment During University Breaks and Summer and Intellectual Property

Frequently asked questions about employment during university breaks and summer.

Conflict of Interest Routing Guidance

General guidance regarding how Conflict of Interest disclosures are reviewed.

Outside Employment Request Routing Guidance

General guidance regarding how Outside Employment Request disclosures are reviewed.

Events & Meetings

Committee meetings will be conducted via Teams or Zoom until further notice.

Here is a complete list of events.